Our Amelia is TWO!!!

We had Amelia's 2nd birthday party about two weeks early since Zach started inservice for school the week before her actual birthday. We have found that it makes it so much easier and less stressful for the beginning of the school year. It was a ton of fun and we had so many great friends and delicious food.
Confetti Cake Balls courtesy of my sister in law Apolynne

Wafers & Pretzels covered in Chocolate & Sprinkles

Loved this cake idea courtesy of Pinterest

We went for a party at the park since last years first birthday was pretty cramped in the house and this gave the kids plenty of things to do while the burgers were cooking.

Sweet Hallie Girl

She acted very shy when everyone sang the Happy Birthday song to her

She was blessed with so many wonderful gifts

She even got her first tricycle from her Pops

Amelia and her bestie Lilah, they have been together since birth!

our precious TWO year old

Sweet Michael David

Even the grown ups had a little fun

Miss Mya

Casen, Mya, & Jacob WONDERFUL kids with AMAZING parents

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