Lucas Von Youngblood

Well, our sweet baby boy was born on February 13, 2014 at 10:44 am. I must say that this experience with him was extremely different than it was with Amelia. With Amelia I was induced at 41 weeks and that was something that I was definitely hoping not to have to do with Lucas and lucky enough I didn't have to. 

It all started on Wednesday February 12, 2014 at 6:30 in the morning. I started to have what I felt were contractions and there were coming somewhat irregularly about every 10 to 15 minutes and only lasting about thirty seconds to a minute. I knew I had an appointment that afternoon and so I had decided I would just wait it out and see what would happen. I contacted Evelyn my Doula and she agreed that waiting would be okay but if anything changed to go in. 

At around noon I decided to contact my Dr's office because my contractions were getting a little more frequent but still only lasting between thirty seconds to a minute, they decided to move my appointment up an hour. I went into the Dr's office at 1:30 pm and found out that I had dilated from a 1 to a 2 and was now 75% effaced. Dr Adams had decided that I wasn't in active labor at the time but that didn't mean that I couldn't go into active labor later that day or even the next day or a week later, so pretty much we were just waiting to see what might happen.

I went on with my day running errands with my mom and then heading out to see Amelia since she had been staying with my in laws and I had decided to leave her just in case labor did start I wanted to make sure she was somewhere she would actually be able to sleep. I ended up at the mall with my parents around 6:30 pm and while I was there my active labor began. It was quite a challenge to enjoy shopping when I had to stop every ten to fifteen minutes to time contractions and breathe. At around 9:30 pm I called Labor & Delivery just to find out what their typical protical was on when I should come in, at the time my contractions were getting stronger but they weren't lasting as long as they would like them to or as frequent so I decided to head to my parents and see what would happen.

At around 10:30 pm Zach called me to see how things were progressing, since he was still in Ozona I was trying to make sure that he and I communicated throughout the day so if he needed to head into town he could in plenty of time. I informed him of what Labor & Delivery had said and told him that the decision to head in or not was up to him and if things changed I would let him know. Well, he walked through the door at my parents house at around midnight and I was so glad to see him and have him with me already. Together we sat in the living room watching Olympic Figure Skating as my contractions continued to get stronger and even longer but the frequency of them was still a little off. I called Evelyn, my Doula, at about 3 or 3:15 am to let her know what m progress was and to see what suggestions she might have for going into the hospital. We decided that I should wait a little longer and see what would happen, needless to say that wait on lasted about fifteen minutes since I had about four contractions about 3 minutes apart and they were so painful Zach made the decision to head to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital I was checked in and they took me up and checked to see if I had made any progress since my earlier appointment, luckily I had dilated from a 2 to pretty much a 4 and I was 90% effaced. I was taken to my delivery room where I would stay until I delivered our sweet boy. At the time that we arrived at the hospital it was a transition time so there wasn't anyone there that could give me an epidural, which was okay by me because I was hoping to deliver naturally without any drugs. I was shivering pretty violently from it being so cold outside that they gave me some Stadol in my IV that helped relax me but definitely did not take away any pain. They came back in at around 6:30 or 7 am to check my progress and I was dilated to a 7 and 100% effaced, I was starting to get very excited with the progress and even more excited at the idea that I was going to achieve my goal of a natural delivery.

Pam, my Doula, arrived a little after 7 am and can I just say she was a God Send! Up until that point my contractions were strong but nothing I couldn't handle and breathing was my best friend at the time. Sometime between 8 and 9 am Dr Adams came in to check me again and I was still only at a 7 so she decided to proceed with breaking my water which in turn made the contractions even more intense. Pam and Zach and even my mom for a little while helped me breath through my contractions and focus, I remember being extremely HOT and extremely testy, hello I was trying to have a baby who wouldn't be hot & testy. WARNING: This next part may be a little TMI for some people but it is apart of my sons birth and this is his story so it is going to be in here:) 

At this point I was having a ton of pressure with each contraction in my rectal region and I started to feel as though I was going to push something out of my rear end. We decided to try and reposition me to where I was no longer on my back but on my knees, with every move a contraction would come and I was starting to doubt my ability to achieve my goal. After about a few minutes of being in that position and feeling that pressure I pretty much told Zach I wanted an epidural because I couldn't take that pressure for to much longer. With the help of Pam and my nurse I moved back into the laying down position and they checked me again, needless to say there would be no epidural because it was time to have a baby. Zach has walked out for a second and I remember him saying afterwards that when he left it was just Pam and I and when he came back the room was full of nurses and it was time. Evelyn walked in right before and I remember them joking that she should of showed up sooner if that was all it was going to take for him to come:) 

Let me take a minute to tell you a little about my delivery with my daughter, I was induced, ended up getting an epidural and by the time I needed to push I felt pressure but no pain. I was completely relaxed and everything was extremely easy, I pushed a total of three times and my sweet girl was here. I enjoyed special moments with m husband and family and it was glorious and fantastic. Now back to my sons birth.

The time had come to push! I still had reminents of Stadol in my system which made me keep my eyes closed because of the relaxing effect. I remember telling Pam & Evelyn that I just needed to push because the pressure was so intense, their response was Push! Dr Adams had arrived so I was able to push and know that she was there to deliver him. I pushed somewhere between 4 to 6 times and he was here, I remember Zach leaning down and telling me he was so proud of me and he loved me. Those words had never meant so much to me than right at that moment. The Dr did have to tell me to open my eyes so I could see my baby, I am telling you that Stadol did a number on my eyes not to mention I had been awake since 6:30 am the day before so I was completely exhausted. He was absolutely perfect in every way, dark hair beautiful skin and long and skinny just like his sister was.

Zach went out and got Amelia from our families and brought her in so she could meet her new baby brother without everyone in there, she was at first a little standoffish. I think she was more concerned with the fact that I had an boo boo in my arm where my IV was. Amelia would touch him but wouldn't kiss him at first, however now that is a completely different story, she just kept saying that he was So Tiny. After Amelia we brought in my mom and then my in laws to see their new grandson, it was definitely a different experience than it was with Amelia since her delivery was a scheduled induction everyone was able to make plans to already be here and so we had the whole family here with her. One of my nearest and dearest friends, Tiffany, came and was there which was really nice because when my mom left to go sleep and my in laws took Amelia home to nap Zach had someone to keep him company and of course Lucas was definitely being loved and cared for by her so I slept for a little while:) 

One thing is true neither of my pregnancies were the same but I wouldn't change either one of them. I feel great and have since I had our baby boy and it has been a big change being at home with two babies instead of just one but I am starting to get into a routine and that is helping. I even manage to get both kids to take naps at the same time, which is how I am able to write this post:) That may not last for long but I will enjoy it while it lasts. Looking forward to the future and what these two sweet blessings that God has blessed Zach and I with will bring to our lives. 

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