My New Puppy

So it has now been three weeks since we got our little girl c.c. and it has definately been a challenge and a new experience. We are currently potty training and that can be very trying at times, but we manage to get through it day by day. We are learning that we can't allow her to get away with things all the time and deal with her being upset with us. She is always making us laugh with the thousand different little things that she does. She runs around but it isn't really a run it is a constant leap. She is so adorable, she loves her mommy but definately enjoys her daddy time. She gets to sleep in the bed with us and she usually sleeps at the top of my pillow or in between Zach and I. C.C. definately love to snuggle right up in your neck area, but definately has a biting fetish going on right now and that is something we are trying to work on as well. We love our little girl very much and are excited about the days and years to come.

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Aimee Nicole said...

She is adorable! What kind of dog is she?

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