Waiting for the results

Well, today I found out that my grandma who lives in Abilene might have cancer what kind or where we are still unsure of but at the moment I can only focus on the CANCER word. They think that they found something in her neck and the oncologist has been called in because her regular doctor says that it goes beyond his expertise so now it is time to turn it over to the one true doctor GOD. I have already lost one grandma to cancer when I was a junior in high school she was onlt 58 and now to have my other grandma have a possibility of having it as well is a little scary. I know that putting my trust and faith in the Lord is what I need to do and I am going to for sure, however, I am a worry wart and it is all I seem to do right now. So I am posting this in the hopes that even though I am praying continuely that all of my friends will be praying for a miracle and healing as well. I know that there hasn't been a diagnosis yet but the possibility of cancer is all it takes for me to call in reinforcements for pray and belief in my grandmas healing. Her name is Amelia Cook so when you are saying a prayer please just remember her name. I have faith in the MY Lord and savior and I know that through him all things are possible.

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