Okay so I bought my truck about 5 years ago and at the time I thought that is was the best find ever. I had just gotten a raise at work and so I thought I would trade in my car for a truck, something that I have always wanted being a TEXAS GIRL and all. My dad found one that was about four years old at the time and it only had 12,000 miles on it which was amazing. I enjoyed my truck so much, I had it for one summer and one winter where everything on the truck worked amazing, then when the second summer came around my air conditioner stopped working! It was terrible, especially here in West Texas where the summers get into the 100's. I have now gone 4 years without air condition and it has been one HOT ride, then last night after Brandon and Mari borrowed my car I got in it with my husband and by the time we got to our house I noticed that it was COLD in my car. My A/C was working, I was so excited I sat wondering how all of the sudden after 4 years of being sweating in the summertime that my air was working in my car. As I thought about it Zach came up with the best solution, I have had a couple of big things fixed on my car in the past oh 6 months or so, I had to get new head gaskets and a new fuel pump regulator so we are thinking that somewhere in the mix of all of that work that what ever was wrong with my A/C was fixed. However it was fix is fine by me because I am just celebrating the fact that I have cold air in my car when I drive it now. I have a paid off vehicle with Air condition. YAY!!!!!!

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