A Daddy+Momma Weekend Away

This weekend my handsome guy and I were blessed to be able to send our littles to Grammy + Gramps house and we escaped to San Antonio. We had so much fun just having adult uninterrupted conversation on the drive up there, we made to our destination where we were able to enjoy more adult conversation with two of our closets friends.
Zac and I probably haven't spent a weekend together away like this in at least a year if not longer so we were extremely excited, we even made it a point to put our phones out of sight so we concentrated on each other and our friends. 

The next day the four of us got up and headed out to the Pearl Farmers Market which was absolutely amazing!! There were so many food vendors, adorable shops and not to mention all of the beautiful vegetables, eggs, and even meat. We enjoyed delicious gluten free crepes, wonderful coffee, music and just the beautiful fresh air. Needless to say it was a wonderful time together!

We ended up at this amazing bakery called Lorraine's and OMG it was WONDERFUL!!!

The rest of the weekend consisted of Mani/Pedi's for the girls as well as some Super Target shopping for this momma. The guys ended up at Bass Pro shop dreaming of compound bows and guns(we hunt and enjoy deer meat). Afterwards we met up with our handsome guys for a wonderful dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and more wonderful adult conversation. I have to admit getting to talk without interruptions is something that I forgot how much I truly missed.Sunday was church and more food and then the drive home to our littles that were awaiting us the second we walk through the door. I enjoyed all of my special time away with my wonderful husband and amazing friends but having my neck wrapped with tiny arms and tight squeezes and my cheeks kissed by tiny lips with the sweet words " I love you mommy" and " I missed you" echoing in my ear, man that is something that I hope never gets old and always feels my heart with JOY!! 

Until our next little get away!!

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