Thirty, Flirty & Thriving!!!

It is OFFICIAL I am now 30 years old!!!

It was such a wonderful celebration and I am so blessed to have such amazing family and friends that came to celebrate with me!
We had dinner at one of the historic landmarks in San Angelo Miss Hattie's and it was delicious. I enjoyed getting to visit with everyone and having them all there.

My older brother Michael & his wife Megan

These were a hit with all of the little kids that were there:)

The party itself wasn't a surprise but where we were eating and all of the decorations at home were, my husband did such an AMAZING JOB planning and getting it altogether!!

Amelia and her friend Jake

My little brother Blake & his wife Apolynne

My big brother & I

They were only acting bored, then again they could of secretly been bored;)

My birthday cake, made from scratch Red Velvet Cake with Cream cheese Icing. My mother-in-love did such an amazing job, it was DELICIOUS!!

Those flowers are from my WONDERFUL HUSBAND and can I just say that I don't get flowers regularly or even occasionally so for him to buy me TWO DOZEN ROSES is an EXTREMELY big deal for me!! Oh how I LOVE HIM!!

The photo wall that my mom & husband put together, I loved it!

Those Chocolate Cake Balls were made by my Sister-in-love Apolynne and can I just say, AMAZING!!

The Birthday champagne had pretty pink crystals that floated in it, the small touches made it so sweet!

This gift was the funniest, I loved it. My girlfriends joined together and put together a turning 30 emergency kit complete with journals, jewelry, lipstick, rejuvenating face mask, bubble bath and scrub and my wonder woman panties for those days that I just need to feel like a super hero!

Sweet Hallie I just love her!!

The present of all presents, my NEW LAPTOP!! Which is where I am posting from now, can I just say I am now in blogger heaven so be ready for me to get posting:)

Amelia and her Pops, she definitely ADORES him!!

What can I say I am a very blessed woman, when you are younger and you think about hitting this milestone in your life you wonder where you will be, what you have accomplished and who is in your life. I can definitely say that I never thought I would have or been where I am today, I have an AMAZING Husband who even though he may not say it all the time I never doubt that he loves and adores me(everything he did for this party is proof). I also have an INCREDIBLE little Girl who in my mind is EVERYTHING. I love my Life and I look forward to what this next decade of life has in store for me and my family.

Thank you so much for an AMAZING Birthday!

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