Easter 2013

This year Easter was a lot of fun, we enjoyed so much with Amelia this year that we didn't get to do last year.

We colored Easter Eggs

Millie & Mommy

Our Easter Egg creations

Saying Cheese with Toots

This is where I found these three on Easter Morning, snuggled together in bed.

Millie checking out her two Easter baskets

Daddy even got some Easter goodies

She loved her Dora coloring book

And her Dora movies and Dolls she got from her Toots & Pops

Easter basket Explosion

Easter Morning hugs & kisses from Daddy

Hunting Easter Eggs after Sunday church

Pops was helping with the hunt

So excited about finding Eggs!

Two of my All time favorite people! Amanda & Miss Lilah

Our family Easter Picture

Millie's first Easter Picture with the Easter Bunny

Happy Easter from The Youngblood's

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