The moment it hit me

This was the view I had when it hit me, there is so much more to being a mom than making sure my daughter is fed daily or clean and healthy. It is about teaching her things that even though there are so many other amazing people in the world that could do this job God blessed me with this particular little angel and it is my job to make sure that she learns not only the things that she needs to know to make it in the world as she grows but also what the Lord has commanded her to learn. I find myself emotionally overwhelmed by this task, not because I feel that I can't do it or that I won't but because I feel that I have been utterly and completely slacking in this area. How can I teach my daughter the things that are in the word if I myself am not fully taught or hold an understanding of them either? Knowing that makes me feel as though I have already failed my daughter and I know what I have to do to fix it. I am sorry if this seems scattered but my thoughts and emotions are all over the place at this moment. I want to be able to know each day that she has learned something new not just with colors, shapes, and words but also with scripture and biblical teachings as well. I don't want to have to leave that up to a Sunday school teacher to do or a pastor to be the first to introduce her to that, I want and now desire that to be me. My biggest dream was to be a wife and mother and never did I realize the impact that would have on my life to take who I am and make it better because that's what is required of me.

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