The Moment

You know the moments in your life that can make or break your next move. The ones that can and will define who you are and become, well I have thought for the longest time that my moment had either not come to me yet or maybe somehow passed me by.

I knew my whole life I wanted to be a wife and a mother, so chasing any other dream never seemed like something that was worth my time. Trust me there are days that I think maybe I need to go back to school and get a degree but in what I have no idea, because my dream is to still be a wife and mother. No one prepares you or even informs you that this will be the hardest job that you will ever have, you put all of your love, time and dedication into both aspects of this job. Making sure that your husband never feels less than truly loved, respected and blessed knowing that his decision to choose you as his wife, life mate and lover was the best decision he could of ever made. When it comes to your precious blessings from the Lord your every moment is wrapped up in every tiny detail that comes with taking care of and raising them in the way the Lord as instructed you to do.

Everyday I fail at both of these jobs, and when that happens I question why this is my dream. Why couldn't I have had the desire to teach, nurse, be a doctor, lawyer, counselor, or just anything else but this extremely hard and very draining job at times. And then as though God is telling me himself that this is what you were made for in the sweet and precious moments when my daughter just wants to sit with me and snuggle or my son looks at me and says "mama" and then hugs my neck or kisses me over and over. When my husband speaks words of encouragement after what seemed to me to be the hardest day on the job ever, in those moments I feel the love of my Father, my creator, my God. Telling me that He loves me and that He has a purpose for me. I may not fully know what it is except to show my children the love of the Father, to speak wisdom & encouragement. To teach them about the Lord and all that he has done for us, to be there for my husband when his job has been overwhelming or hard to encourage and love him and support him.

Over the past few months I have felt as though I have failed miserably in all aspects of my life. Maintaining my home, teaching and loving my babies, supporting my husband, my life has felt chaotic and out of balance. Everyday I almost immediately feel like the world has already caved in all around me and I am trapped with no way out. But I know that in those feelings and emotions it is only how Satan thinks that he can attack me, his goal is to steal kill and destroy all of God's chosen people and knowing that I am being attacked puts purpose in my life. Knowing I am Chosen by God to do great things, to raise up a generation of children that Love God with ALL of their Hearts. That go out and encourage others and teach them and show them the love of God. Knowing this I can wake up put my feet on the ground and thank God for the new day and all of the challenges that I may face, because in those challenges when I choose to put my trust and faith in God he will take care of me.

I love my job and I am blessed to be one of the Chosen to be a mama and wifey! Knowing that God trusts that I can handle all of the obstacles  that come with this job gives me strength to face everyday with confidence and trust in the Lord.

I am READY, now it is time to get to work!!

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