Lucas is ONE!!!

My baby boy turned ONE on Friday February 13th! To say the least I am still in shock over the idea that this last year has already flown by and I don't even know what took place other than my sweet boy is now a whole year old.

We had some of the sweetest pictures taken of him by our sweet friend Becca Russell who owns Southern Shutter Photography. This was the first time we hadn't used our every faithful and wonderful friends of Sprinkle of Grace Photography, but since one of them moved away and the other had a baby recently we decided to take a different route this time. To say the least I was nervous but in the end the pictures turned out great and Becca did an AMAZING job being patient with Lucas and getting some great shots.

So without further ado here are the pictures that she captured of Our Sweet Lucas Von Youngblood!

Of Course Big Sister got her picture taken too

I just love his birthday shirt that I got from Hatcher Press
I would recommend them to anyone!

He absolutely LOVED his cake!!

Our dear sweet boy, we love you so incredibly much and this past year with you in our lives has closed so many wounds and healed our hearts and renewed our Joy. Your smile can make any bad day better and you give the most AMAZING HUGS! We could never imagine life without you now that you are here with us. We pray that you will grow and mature into a wonderful man of God and that you will always put him at the front of your life. Follow the straight and narrow and walk always with God and your path will be greatly blessed. This year went by so fast but we look forward to the many more years we have with you!!

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