Just catching up

In the last couple of months so much has happened in our family. Zach is no longer teaching Biology and Anatomy/Physiology he is now the new Physics and IPC teacher. So far it is a change that is taking a little time to get adjusted to but he will get there. Amelia is growing like a weed and is hitting milestone after milestone, she can now roll wherever she wants to and is starting to get up on her hands and knees and trying to get going on the whole crawling experience. She is eating solids and has already developed a liking for sweet potatoes and bananas. She had a portion of a molar come out and then go back in but I can see where a couple of teeth may be making their debut pretty soon. Amelia is completely in love with our dog CC and will scream to the heavens to get her attention. I am just enjoying being a wife and mom full time, this has to be the hardest job in the world. I love being home with Amelia to watch her daily changes and knowing that I am not missing out on anything. She has such a personality that lights up whatever room she is in, you just can't be sad around her. I am trying to be a crafty momma, I have started making baby food which has be a success so far and I am going to be attempting some bow making and onesie embellishing pretty soon. Our family is loving life right now and enjoying the challenges that are ahead in the future.

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