The Time has come at last!

It is finally here! Tomorrow evening we go into the hospital to start my labor. It has been the longest 10 months of my life, finding out that you are pregnant when you are only 7 weeks along and knowing that you have 33 more weeks to go before your baby gets here is a long time. It doesn't help that our child seems to enjoy the comfort of my tummy either. However, tomorrow evening we get the ball rolling. Zachary and I are both very nervous, it isn't entirely what we had wanted this whole process to be like but we also know that the safety of our little girl is way more important than what we want. I am looking forward to seeing her beautiful face and holding her in my arms. I want to see who she looks like, what color her eyes will be, her hair(if she has any). If she is long like her daddy or short like me, there is just so much to think about and ponder about. All of our questions will be answered soon and I can't wait. I look forward to seeing Zach hold his little girl and see the look in his eyes knowing that she is his daddy's girl. To watch him his going to be the most amazing thing to me, she isn't here yet and he is already the most amazing daddy in the world. He has such concern and care for her, he is so sweet when he talks to my tummy and he is so gentle when he rubs on my tummy when she pokes out. I know that he is going to be so amazing! Only another day to go and all of our waiting will be so worth it, we will have our sweet little angel here with us and then starts the journey to making sure we raise her in the way we are called to as parents. To teach her all that we have learned from our parents, to teach her about the love of Jesus and all of the amazing things that he has done for us. It is going to be a tuff journey ahead, but we are up for the challenge.

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