Just another day

Well, today was a crazy day or should I say that the week started off that way. My best friend had her baby on Monday, he weighed 7lbs 8oz and was 20in long his name is Gavyn Wesley Noyd and he is absolutely adorable. I am so excited to see him grow up and be so smart and talented like his big sister Kayleigh. Then today I went to see them again and he is still so adorable and Paige looked great and well Wes is taking to being a daddy again very well, he loves his little boy. Now I am sitting at the computer lab at the college with my husband while he takes his mid-term for his education class. I just proof-read a fake letter to a parent and he seems to be doing really good. I am so proud of him, he is working 40 or more hours a week and going to school, it is not easy and there are a lot of late nights and tired mornings at our house but I guess that is just how it goes. He is so excited though to finish school and teach young minds all about science, he learned yesterday that getting into the graduate program may be easier than he thought and he became overjoyed by that news, Master's degree here he comes!! I don't know but I brag about him as though he is my child and I am so proud of his accomplishments but he isn't he is my husband and I am still broud of his accomplishments and I love him so much.!!. There are so many things that I could just ramble about in this blog and I am sure that no one wants to read my ramblings but me, but it does help me clear my mind and focus on life a little more without so many distractions. So far I am loving my life and being married to my wonderful husband is absolutely great, now I am ready to see what will happen next.

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