So today I feel wonderful and excited and I feel like a married woman more than ever. I can honestly say that I don't know why I feel that way, but buying a washer and dryer today with my husband was so exciting to me. I no longer have to haul my laundry all over town in order to get it done. However, did you know that they charge you for everything now? We were charged for a cord for the dryer, something you obviously need in order to use it so of course you have to buy it, the charged us for a stacking kit, something we necessarily didn't need but my house is small and the space if will go would be more space efficent if we did stack it. They charged us for a vent and then of course to deliver it and hook it up. I am not going to lie and I so happy we bought it and it is worth every penny, but I felt like I was buying a car and adding all of the special features that I wanted to it. But still so excited I can do a load a day or every other day and not have to wait a week to do it.

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