Who ever said that getting teeth pulled was a walk in the park obviously never had them pulled. I thought that getting my wisdom teeth out would help with the overrall pain that I have been having in my mouth lately, however, it doesn't seem that way. I have had problems since day one, two dry sockets in the bottom two wholes and that pain is ten times worse than the pain that I had before they were out. Grant it in the end the pain will subside and eventually go away but I guess you can't always wish for instant reflief. Well, it has been a few days and the pain is slowly going away, but still instant would of been even better.

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kablot spot said...

I remember getting my wisdom out was pretty awful, and I had nothing out of the ordinary with mine. Someone totally lied to you and you should light dog poop on their porch or something.

I'm sure you have never heard this before, but you look so much like your mom. At first glance, I thought that pic of her and your dad was you. LOL!

(This is Shannon. Welcome to blogger.)

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