Waking up to noise

OKay so this morning my mother decides that she is going to come into my room and nicely wake me up, well that is fine and all but I was not able to sleep very good last night so I was extremely tired. She continues by whispering and then decides to let me know that dad has made breakfast, I informed her that I didn't sleep very well and I was extremely tired. As if I had said nothing at all it begins to sound like a football game in my house between my little brother and my dad talking or should I say yelling about what being green really means to my mom continuously walking into my room for whatever reason. I realize that I am 25 and sleeping in should not be something that I do, but whenever I work everyday that is acutally something that I look forward to and enjoy. It is not that I want to waste my day away but more that I just really love to sleep.

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