The Gymnast + The Cowboy

This little boy of mine just turned two and let me tell you, Terrible Two doesn't even begin to describe what he has going on. It is more like the sour patch kid commercial, sour and then sweet. My little cowboy is All Boy!
There isn't a day that goes by that he isn't filthy from playing in the dirt, coloring on himself, finding the tiniest puddle and jumping in it or every last drop of food isn't on him. Oh but when he loves, he loves wholeheartedly! He places his hands so sweetly on your cheeks and kisses you and then whispers "I love you" and all the sour that preceded melts away and you just want to melt into his absolute sweetness. I love my little cowboy and I know life is only going to get sweeter with him!

My tiny gymnast is my absolute sweetheart! She has such a teaching heart, which I love because recently she has been trying to teach her little brother the letters in the alphabet. She loves her new black tennis shoes and thinks that they are the key to her quickness and stealthy running ability. Gymnastics has become her love! Watching her do running round offs, back bends, handstands and progressing to the next level of difficulty make my heart burst because she fills with so much JOY that I can't help but cheer and smile from ear to ear. She is also my tenderhearted one, the slightest tone of discipline in our voice and tears come streaming down her porcelain face. This is going to be the child that I strive to protect from all heartbreak and sadness, she will be the one who leads others to Change The World! 

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