An Idea I have

Well, I have had an idea in my head and my heart now for about a year or two that I should start a Daycare of my own. I love kids and babies and it is something that I have always enjoyed doing, so I thought one day that it should be something that I do as a job. I have talked it over countless times with my husband and he is 100% behind me on the decision and so are my parents. I finally made the final decision a week or so ago that I am going to do it for sure, however, it won't be until after Zach graduates from college and that is due to insurance purposes because it is through my work and Zach only has one year left of school. I am so excited, my parents have already offered for me to use their home as a daycare for now and that means so much to me to have their support. I can't wait to get start on this and start my daycare, I looked forward to waking up in the morning and being excited about going to work everday. There are still some things that I have to get done such as certifications and the technical stuff but I am so ready to get it started and getting everything ready to go.

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