Just a few more days

So there are now only thirteen days until I am officially the new Mrs. Zachary Youngblood. I am getting so excited, I have already made my hair appointment, set up meetings with the important people to talk about everything and even planned a wonderful and well needed SPA day for me and my closets of friends and family. I am so excited, I have only one more week of work and then I am off until the eighteenth of August and that is also totally well needed on my part. I am getting not nervous but more or less anxious for it to already be here. I have been told already countless times to enjoy these next few weeks because they are going to fly by so quickly that I won't even have anytime to think about it, but I think I will make the time to relish in the wonderful bond that Zach and I are going to be taking on. We are so excited and even in the meantime are contemplating moving, however I have put my foot down on the fact that it will not happen until after the wedding is over, don't worry not out of town just next door to where we already live. Anyway I am so ready to married to this wonderful and amazing man that I have found, he has made my life so wonderful in so many ways. I Love you honey and I can't to spend the rest of our lives together no matter where it might take us.

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