Best Night of my Life EVER!!!!

Okay so as I had said in my prior post I was very excited about my date, well little did I know that Zach had other plans for me. It started out your typical date, dinner at Logan's, a movie my pick "House Bunny", and then ice cream at Coldstone (Birthday Cake Remix). While we were getting ice cream he asked if we could get it to go because he had to run up to the church to get his bass, so naturally I said sure. When we got to the church Andrew(his brother) was there and I really paid no attention to that I knew he had just got done with practice. WE walked into the fellowship all and there were candles lining the hallway, at this I still had no clue, all of the sudden I heard music and realized something was going on. WE turned the corner and there were more candles and Andrew was playing, a chair was in the center and that is where I sat. Then Zach sat down next to Andrew and he began to sing, "Overrated" by Gavin Degraw and I absolutely loved it, mainly becuse I love to hear him sing and he doesn't do it very often. This time though was special because he was singing to me not with me, the whole time I had a smile from ear to ear and I couldn't of been happier at this point (so I thought). When he was done he tapped Andrew's knee and he got up still playing and walked down the hall. All I could do was tell him I loved him and the song and it was wonderful, he then proceeded to ask me to stand up with him and he was just hugging me and I didn't want to let go. He just kept telling me how much he loved me and how the past two years had been so wonderful, then he got on one knee and the words out of my mouth were "you have got to be kidding me" he just hugged me and then he asked " will you marry me" while tears were flowing from both parties I said yes. I didn't even look at the ring I just kissed him and hugged him and told him I loved him. After we were done hugging he took my hand and put it on my finger. It is absolutely beautiful and I just love it. I can't wait to start planning to be the future Mrs. Youngblood. Like I said the best night EVER!!!!

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