Just Because

Okay so here lately work has really been a lot off for me, manly with some of my co-workers. It has made life at the pharmacy somewhat difficult to manage but I do it anyways. I am doing my best to stay upbeat and positive about everything, but it just seems that the moment I get there something always manages to bring me down in some way or another. There was a situation with someone there who I thought was my friend and it turns out that there some people that you just can't put that kind of faith in. Now everyday is like walking on eggshells at work and I being the only Christian at my workplace it is really hard. I could really use prayers in this situation, whether it be finding a job somewhere else or everything working itself out. I have been with this job for going on seven years now and I would really like to stay, but at the same time I don't want to dislike going to work everyday.

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